Singha powerboat was established in mid-1977 by  Khun Vudha Bhirombhakdi presiding as president. 

The first powerboat race was successfully launched on

the 19th -20th November 1977  at Pattaya beach, Thailand and has continued to increase its popularity ever since. In 2017, Khun Vudha Bhirombhadi assigned Khun Thanavud Bhirombhakdi to develop the Singha WaterSports team to further evolve Thai watersports, preparing it for a global scale. The objectives are to drive Thai watersport to became one of the national sports of Thailand and achieve international success by highering the standard.

    To increase awareness of Thai watersports and formula 1 powerboat. Increase the popularity of the sport via domestic tourism and improve income distribution in locals. To create excitement and enthusiastic activities for the local community and tourists alike.